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The ONLY British owned and operated and fully insured Tour Operator & Excursion Center with over 8 years experience in Sharm el Sheikh and beyond.
Our dedicated team of professionals aim to bring you a personal touched, tailor made vacation made easy. Either buy your excursions/trips on the site or contact us for a solution to your needs. Unlike "other" (sometimes unlicensed/ undocumented/ uninsured) Excursion & "Tour Operators" in Sharm el Sheikh, we are here for YOU from start till finish. We are a dedicated team of foreigners and locals alike with a care only to be the best and provide the best experience possible.  We can arrange your trips, transportation and excursions in either Sharm el Sheikh, Sinai, Cairo, Luxor, The Red Sea and even Jordan and Jerusalem! Our English team has been operating their own excursion company since 2005, and they know what YOU want. Our Italian and Egyptian professionals have been operating in Sharm since the beginning of tourism in the area! Forget the middlemen, the tricksters in Naama Bay and the pushy Hotels and Tour Companies, buy from the best! Either use our friendly site to make your orders or contact us directly for a tailor made solution that fit your needs and budget.
Sharm Solutions Travel is a certified and fully licensed Tour Operator in Sharm el Sheikh.

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